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After a thorough renovation, the Passpartout Boutique Palace, strategically located in the vicinity of San Pietro, officially celebrates its opening. Set against a vibrant backdrop of dedicated visitor stores and restaurants, Passpartout is distinguished by its international identity and modern hospitality that embraces traditional roots.

Explore a new standard of comfort and style in the heart of this vibrant tourist destination, where the fusion of contemporary elegance and authenticity creates a unique experience.

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The building is distinguished by its unique and easily identifiable structure, with an entrance characterized by two gates: one leads to the hotel and the other to the restaurant.

The interior of these two areas is interconnected, facilitating access to the bar and restaurant area, where one can enjoy breakfasts, aperitifs, and dishes prepared with a grill oven (Josper).

Through a wide corridor, visitors can easily reach the reception area, where check-in is possible. From here, guests can access the rooms using the elevator or, if they prefer, climb the stairs that date back to the 16th century and have been carefully restored.


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The enchanting indoor garden, located in the picturesque setting of Borgo Pio, presents itself as an authentic oasis of tranquility in the heart of St. Peter’s. Explore this amazing green retreat and discover the hidden beauty of Borgo Pio through its serene and unique atmosphere.
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Contact us for your special events or to reserve your aperitif overlooking the rooftops of Rome.

Contact us for your special events or to reserve your cocktail hour